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This Fight is in YOUR Hands...

To the fiercest lovers of family and friends I have ever known...

Dear Kentuckians,

Many of you have asked me, "What should I do?" about KBC being out of network with Anthem. Keep reading...

For years, I have done everything in my power to get fair reimbursement from Anthem...

They refuse.

Yet, every examination we offer costs $100s to $1,000s less than Anthem's options.

See for yourself:

All Kentucky taxpayers fund Anthem to keep costs down for KY employees. On top of that, many of you pay Anthem premiums to guarantee they bring you the most affordable care.

Instead, Anthem intentionally eliminates your affordable options and leaves you with little choice: To stay in network, pay outrageous hospital prices or get no care at all.

To clarify, you can always come to KBC. Here are our self-pay prices:

What should you do?

Do what Kentuckians do when their family members and loved are bullied into corners.

Kentucky Taxpayers: Refuse to support legislatures who drain your pockets to pad theirs. Demand elected officials fix this problem.

The legislature will not ignore the will of the people. If you want affordable healthcare, the fight is in your hands.

Take Action NOW:

1. Sign this NEW petition:

2. Tell your elected officials they should fight for "Fair and Competitive Insurance".

If you want to read more about how Anthem has already begun to manipulate your healthcare, I have written a more detailed expose with some real life examples here:

This fight is in your hands... please take action to protect your family.


Andrea Woodroof, MD


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