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Why is KBC be "Out of Network"?


  • Anthem has under-reimbursed KBC for years

    • KBC has requested fair treatment, multiple times.

    • KBC showed that our sub-specialist services save more lives.

    • Dr. Andrea Woodroof is the ONLY Breast Fellowship-Trained Radiologist in Southern KY.

      • The State and Anthem are supposed to ensure that Subspecialists are available within a region.

    • Anthem sees no difference between a "Breast Fellowship-Trained Radiologist" vs a "general radiologist".

      • Over 1,200 KBC patients protested to Anthem's KY president during 2020, but Anthem did not change.

  • Despite the facts, Anthem continued to reimburse KBC 40% less than our average from other insurance companies.



  • Anthem's management does not value the care that KBC provides to you, but all other private insurance companies do!

    • Anthem has recorded record profits, while cutting back on your benefits!

      • Patients should ask Anthem: "what they are doing with the monthly premiums they collect?"

      • Even more mysterious... KBC's costs are less than a hospital's services... so Anthem is electing to spend more reimbursing a hospital (that may not have a Breast Specialist, nor specialized equipment).

    • Anthem is aligned with large hospital systems, but:

 KBC will continue to work for each patient's best interest

Take Action for YOUR Healthcare

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