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"Out of Pocket" Cost Comparison

​Except for a Screening Mammogram... most insurance policies won't pay unless you have met your deductible for that year, (likely thousands of dollars). 

Compare your "out of pocket" costs:

Cost Comparison 2023.jpg

*With Hospitals: you may receive multiple additional bills (exam fee, off-site reading/radiologist fee, other fees, etc.).

Beyond a Screening Mammogram, you will likely save $$$ using KBC "Self Pay".

Compare "apples to apples": 

  • KBC has Dr. Andrea Woodroof, MD, a Breast Fellowship-Trained Radiologist (a whole extra year in specialized breast training). 

  • KBC actually follows the Guidelines of the American College of Radiology.

  • KBC was the 1st private clinic in KY to offer 3D Mammography (so we have more experience).

  • KBC uses advanced technology (Ex- Ultrasound) specifically designed for breast imaging.

  • KBC does all imaging services within our "spa-like" clinic and you get one bill

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