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Dr. Woodroof's Love Letter to KY

Andrea Woodroof, MD

Dear Kentuckians:

When first I came to know you, it was the love of your people that amazed me. I had never witnessed the fierce love and loyalty Kentucky families feel for one another. You hold within your heart the truth of those you love, imperfections included. Yet those imperfections deepen your love, rather than diminish it. It is an uncommon grace I have been humbled to receive.

And because I have known that love, I have been profoundly disturbed by something so incongruous that I cannot reconcile it. Something Kentuckians would not stand for, if they knew it was happening… especially if taxpayer dollars were being used to execute it.

How do Kentuckians, who would die for their family, allow their families to suffer? How do they stand by while loved ones are bankrupted by corporate greed? How can they fail to act when their people choose to die rather than seek care?... is it because they know their families could be bankrupted by the corporate greed supplying the care?

It is happening. Everyday. Everywhere in this state, and it is taxpayer-funded.

Many of you have asked me, "What should I do?" regarding Anthem BC/BS misleading letters telling you that you are no longer welcome at my clinic. You have confided that you want to continue coming to Kentucky Breast Care, but you don't want to pay out of pocket to do so. I agree 100%! I am frustrated as well. Why pay Anthem middlemen for healthcare when they refuse to deliver.

As a doctor, I spent 13 years educating myself to bring subspecialized skills to my community. Nothing in those years prepared me for the greed, the disregard of human suffering, or the misinformation campaigns I have witnessed to during my negotiations with Anthem.

It is critical that you understand the facts (below)... you pay the price, and the bill.

Compare Costs via the table below (from the KBC Website):

  • KBC's costs are much lower...

  • So why would Anthem refuse to pay KBC fairly at $287 per mammogram?

    • At the end of this post, you will find a link with examples showing why and how Anthem is manipulating the system.

OR... compare using Anthem's own tool: You can check pricing (at many facilities) for your specific situation:

getting back to my point... (and what YOU can do about this).

To my Patients: You are always welcome at KBC.

To my Anthem patients currently in chemotherapy and/or radiation:

Anthem is refusing to honor "continuity of care"standards that would allow us to complete your care. Anthem is asking you to either change doctors in the middle of cancer treatment, or pay out of pocket to see me. This is unethical and my team rejects this.

KBC will absorb the costs of your follow up care at our clinic until we get through chemotherapy and radiation together so that we can be sure you have the resources you need, when you need them.

Taxpayers of Kentucky:

You are unknowingly funding a corrupt insurance scheme that uses YOUR taxes to hurt you by driving up your out-of-pocket costs, then demanding higher premiums to cover the costs they drove up.

Because Anthem is a government contractor, they answer to the legislature.

When the Kentucky legislature handed Anthem the monopoly contract for 300,000+ state employees, they gave Anthem the power to exploit us. Premiums have risen every year, deductibles are so high patients cannot afford to meet them, and your tax dollars are funding it!

If YOU want to be treated fairly, YOU must engage the legislature to bring Anthem to heel.

  • You have the power to elect officials who can make changes.

DEMAND that law-makers protect Kentuckians by implementing these 3 policies:

1. Fair and Equal Pay: An exam or procedure costs the same and is covered the same, whether it is performed in office, in a surgery center, or in a hospital setting.

  • Example: Insurance companies cannot use our tax dollars to pay a hospital $400 for an exam that costs $200 down the street.

  • If they do, they owe Kentucky Taxpayers a $200 rebate every time they do it.

2. ONLY ONE Deductible: An exam or procedure is reimbursed the same, and counted toward your deductible the same, whether it is performed by an "in network" or "out of network" doctor.

  • No "Out of Network" deductibles for government contractors.

  • No denying Kentuckians covered benefits- just because patients choose to keep doctors they trust- who may or may not be in Anthem network.

  • Insurance companies must reimburse patients for qualified medical expenses.

    • Example: If a patient pays $300 for a covered screening visit to their doctor, and Anthem pays the "in network" hospital $400 for the that exam, then the patient has the right to pay their doctor $300 for the exam, and Anthem then owes the patient the same $400 Anthem would have paid the "in-network" hospital for the same exam.

  • Government-Funded Contractors (Anthem) cannot force you to pay an additional "out of network" deductible simply because you choose a doctor who is not in their network.

  • Kentuckians have the right to choose their own doctors.

3. No state-sponsored monopolies: State employees must have the option to change insurance companies when those companies are exploiting them.

  • KY employees should not be forced to purchase over-priced products of one company. They must have access to an open market with multiple options that bring the best quality at the most affordable price.

Take Action NOW:

1. Sign this new petition:

2. Tell your elected officials they should fight for "Fair and Competitive Insurance".

  • Find and contact your legislator:

  • Call the Legislature complaint line (you can ask that your legislator take action on the 3 items above): 800-372-7181

If you want to read more about how Anthem has already begun to manipulate your healthcare, I have written a more detailed expose with some real life examples here:


Andrea Woodroof, MD


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