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Please call Anthem's phone number on the back of your insurance card.

  • Only Anthem can tell you precisely what they will cover.


Please direct your questions to Anthem...KBC Staff cannot speak for Anthem's inconsistent policies.

IF: KBC was already following you for a specific problem (lump, discharge, cancer, etc.) before 12/1/22;

THEN: You might remind Anthem that they are supposed to offer you "Continuance of Care" coverage to you at KBC, and as if KBC were "in-network", until the specific problem is resolved.

Below is Anthem's contract language (which may be useful to you if you need to dispute Anthem).

  • "Provider (KBC) shall...continue to provide and be compensated for Covered Services to Covered Individuals under the terms and conditions of this Agreement until such Covered Individuals are discharged, or the active course of treatment is completed".  

  • "The Continuance of Care provision shall survive termination" (of the agreement between KBC and Anthem).

You can always start a new relationship with a different, "in-network" clinician with Anthem. Click here for help.

Frequently Asked Questions (from our Facebook page)

Give Anthem Feedback (although this is probably a waste of your time)

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