Update on Anthem

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Dear KBC Patients that use Anthem Blue Cross Insurance:


Unfortunately, effective December 1st, 2022: KBC will no longer be "in-network" with Anthem Blue Cross.  This is inconvenient for all of us, so we have gathered some information to help you...  

Why?  Dispite KBC providing data that shows KBC's services save more lives, Anthem continues to reimburse KBC 40% less than our average reimbursement from other insurance companies. This under-reimbursement has continued for years without change.  Anthem clearly does not value the care that KBC provides to you...but all other private insurance companies do.


Your Choices:

A. Self-Pay with KBC upfront on the day of service (you may save money anyway... click here to see a cost comparison).

B. Change your insurance from Anthem to practically any other option.

  • If you can't change your insurance, you can write to your employer and encourage them to change. Click here for a sample letter.

  • If you are a government employee and want to voice your opinion to the people who have chosen Anthem, your voice may be an avenue to giving you more options.  Click here to take action.

C.  You can pursue medical care with a different physician that is "in-network" with Anthem.

*Note that if KBC is already treating/following you for a specific Breast Problem (Mass, Rash, Discharge or Cancer, etc.), KBC will provide continuance of care under the Anthem arrangement, until the specific problem is resolved.

We want to keep taking care of you, in or out of network... and we respect your choice.

If you have questions, please call Anthem's phone number on the back of your insurance card.  KBC staff cannot speak for Anthem's decision to under-reimburse KBC.


Andrea Woodroof, MD &  Breast Fellow