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Welcome to the KBC Team

Here are some steps to get started as a KBC Team Member!

Within 48 hours, please fill in these forms/provide documents and give them to your manager.  Or you can scan and email to:

  1. Blank I-9 Form

  2. Blank K-4 Form

  3. ​Blank W-4 Form

  4. Kentucky New Hire Reporting Form

  5. Take a Picture of a Voided Check (or provide Routing and Account numbers for your Bank)

  6. Take a Picture of your Driver's License

Please read the "Productivity Tools Document" to accelerate your learning about KBC, Resources and "who does what".


Once we receive your documents, we can set you up in the HR system ( as well as issue you an email account, with instructions on how to access ESelfServe and the OneDrive (Office365).  Please visit ESelfServe, login and review documents to sign up for Health Insurance Reimbursement, 401k Documents, etc..


Your email can be accessed at:    Your account login will be:  Your initial password will be: password1! (you will want to change this).


FINALLY: Please Read the "KBC TEAM MEMBER HANDBOOK" (especially the first 2 Sections about Minimum Expectations, Reliability and Policies).  These are important policies you need to know, and you will want to understand how to maximize your Benefits too!  You can access the Handbook via ESelfServe.


When you are ready (within your first two weeks), ask you manager about the HIPPA and OSHA Tests.

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