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Anthem Denies Patients Access to Subspecialized Care!

Anthem Blue Cross Insurance forced Kentucky Breast Care "out of network" by under-reimbursing KBC (40% less than the average from other insurance companies)!

However, KBC wants to keep taking care of you, "in" or "out" of network!

Why this is important: Regionally, KBC is the only facility that guarantees your mammogram is read by a Breast Fellowship-Trained Radiologist (a Breast Subspecialist who finds cancer while it is treatable).

This is not fair! You are paying Anthem and they are not doing their job!

Share this post on your social media and ask Anthem to do their job! You want access to good doctors... and early detection is key to survival.

  • You can also contact KY State Officials who choose insurance options for State Employees... Your voice may create better insurance options in the future!


Andrea Woodroof, MD

Kentucky Breast Care



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