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Kennan Wethington, President

Anthem Health Plans of Kentucky Inc.

13550 Triton Park Blvd

Louisville, Kentucky 40223



Dear Mr. Wethington:

Anthem has undermined my ability to receive high quality medical care. Specifically- Anthem forced Kentucky Breast Care "out of Network" by under-reimbursing KBC by 40% for multiple years.  Anthem has put my healthcare at risk!


I want the right to choose quality healthcare “in network”.  Because Anthem’s actions threaten my healthcare, I have the right to look at other insurance companies that don’t limit my options so severely.  If my insurance is provided by my employer, I am willing to encourage a contract with another insurance company instead of Anthem.


Just to be clear- I go to KBC because KBC’s unique medical approach has proven to find cancers earlier, which greatly reduces overall medical costs, as well as the pain endured by patients! 


KBC is my clinic of choice because they provide the highest level of medical care. 

Only KBC:

  • uses cutting edge technology, facilities, and provide superior customer service/follow up;

  • was one of 2 clinics in the USA to implement 3D/Contrast Mammography in 2014;

  • has the only breast fellowship-trained radiologist in our area;

  • has the most experience finding breast cancer in our region; 

  • frequently corrects patient mismanagement by hospitals/clinics (that only have general radiologists, not breast specialists).

In addition, some of the other clinics on Anthem’s list of providers are NOT following the Guidelines of the American College of Radiology.

One Example- Anthem is reimbursing non-qualified clinics to conduct diagnostic breast procedures WITHOUT a radiologist on site (which is not in compliance with the ACR Guidelines) ... and represents a legal risk to Anthem as well as these other clinics.

I hope you are listening to your customer... because it matters to me where I get my medical care!  In addition, KBC is less expensive than my hospital-based options!

Other insurance carriers recognize KBC as the “provider of choice” and KBC helps everyone avoid overall medical costs, especially: “downstream” costs from avoided surgeries, treatments, hospitalizations, etc..  


I am disappointed that Anthem does not want to provide its customers with the same high-quality medical care as other insurance companies!


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